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Monday, October 3, 2016

Do you speak English - yes, I don't

Thank You all for Your comments and advices concerning the translation. At first I decided to translate the whole text in english myself, no matter how broken the results would be, hoping that some good soul would find mercy on me and fix it after the game release. It was not the best option, for some time you all would have to endure my efforts in english translation, but it was the only I got. Until recently... Great news! We found our translator, or rather she found us. Maria Barć is back on board. She did such a good job in "A Grain of Truth" and is working very hard right now to fix my english. OK, I will be honest with You guys. She translates the whole thing from scratch. Faith in humanity restored, faith in my english falling :)
Still working on the engine and music. Will keep you updated.


  1. Hey, there! I just love your games! And I never noticed you have a demo version of Bell's Heart and A Grain of Truth. I started playing it, but I'm not a good player. I was able to open the rock using the paintings, but I don't know how to move on. Oh, and I tried to use the flute before and after I move the big rock. But Zephyr doesn't move too. I'm probably making something wrong. Could you help, please?

  2. question. After the translation, there's coding and that's it?
    Also is there a general idea of the lengh of time these processes take?
    I have no clue I just play pretty games ;)
    And congrats finding your translator (or being found by her)

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