Trader of Stories - chapter 2
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Trader of Stories - chapter 1
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A Grain of Truth
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Bell's Heart
You can play this game on various websites. Just type Bell's Heart into your browser.

The Trader of Stories (old)
Only playable demo is avalible. You can download it by clicking on this link.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Trader of Stories, Bell's Hearts - finished!

The game is finally over. The guys from Pastel Games had made an excelent job in programming, animation and music. It's amazing to see it all work together. I hope you will enjoy playing  it as much as I have enjoyed drawing it. You can find the game with the given links:

sketches from the game

sketches from the game

The game was shortened a bit from the originally scenario. Below you can see one location that was not putted in the final game. Who is the guy on the left with the cigarette? If you read the whole blog you will surely guess.

Who is the man with the cigarette?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A game in cooperation with Pastel Games - almost finished

It took longer then I have expected but the game is bigger thea I have assumed at the beginning. It composes of 40 screens in comparison to 20 that were planned. The working title of the game is "Bell’s Heart." Below the progress bar of the main game (the Trader of Stories) I have placed another one corresponding to this new game. My part as a graphic artist is done. Now the guys from Pastel Games are putting it all together. Therefore I’m setting the progress bar on 90%. I will surely let You know when the game shall be launch online.
Bellow are some sketches for the in-game locations and one screenshot form the cutscene.

Be aware - Myosotis is watching You!

Thirtsy after long travel - step right in! Have a drink!

A house with a view.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cooperation with Pastel games

Like you could notice, I have taken a short brake from the game. But it is not because I’m lazy. It is Pastel Games has asked me to make them a short Flash game. Well, the game illustration themselves will not be actually made in Flash, but it shall be operated through the internet browser. The best thing is that they wanted me to create the game based on the same world and the same idea as the “Trader of Stories” adventure game I’m working on. And so the game shall also be about Myosotis and it will place between the visit at Adalbert Library (the fragment I’m currently working on, after the visit in Myosotis home) and her travel to the Mountains of Glacial Butterflies. Myosotis will have to discover a story behind a little village in the shadow of the Butterflies Mountain. Buy now I have created about 33% of the game graphics and I hope I will finish it soon (maybe next month). Below are some drawing from the game.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adalbert's private quarters

Another scene from the library. This time it is Adalbert’s private quarters. Like you can see he is REALY into books. Boy, I really would like to get out of this library.

 Adalbert's private quarters

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Myosotis workshop - new location

Still working on the library. I swear it’s the last time I made myself a location so bizarre to program (for an amateur like me). During the work I added a new scene for Adalbert Library By now it composes out of 6 backgrounds (I’m drawing the last one) and so I had to recalibrate the counter. Below I present you one of these scenes, which is Myosotis workshop. As you could find in the demo Myosotis had studied in art class. Thanks to this the counter reaches 18%.

Myosotis workshop