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A Grain of Truth
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Bell's Heart
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The Trader of Stories (old)
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hi everyone. after more than a year I decided to write a post here, on the Trader of Stories blog. So for taking so long but many changes took place in our lives and we simply didn't have time to update. Putting it all in a nutshell - fatherhood can be very time consuming :) 
We are currently working on a next episode of the Trader of Stories, taking place right after A Grain of Truth. In between singing lullabies and changing diapers I'm writing a detailed script. I really can say when I will finish. Parenthood is a new experience for me :)
P.S. Some of You ask about the demo "Trader of Stories" and if we will finish it. The truth is that the game "A Grain of Truth" was a reboot of the series. We wanted to tell the story more detailed and divide it into episodes for better and faster sharing with gaming community. Saying that You can guess the next episode I'm talking about will take place in Myosotis home village.

See You soon and don't loose hope. The next episode will come out... eventualy :)


  1. Wooooooow! Congratulations!
    Boy or girl?
    Name? ;)
    Really looking forward to play the new game, I enjoyed the first two and the demo.
    Keep up good work!

  2. Congratulations!

    I really enjoyed all the Trader of Stories games (especially since I started work as a writer and am a 'trader of stories' of sorts myself now). I look forward to the next one.

  3. Great! Eagerly awaiting - congratulations to you and good luck!

  4. congrats, and we stay awaiting !

  5. Powodzenia - i jako ojciec, i jako twórca :) Dobrze jest usłyszeć co nieco o postępach i wiedzieć, że projekt Myosotis nie został porzucony. Pozdrawiam!

  6. Na Myosotis też przyjdzie czas... Znaczy się, zostanie matką! :-)

  7. I totally love these games Marek. They are brilliant. I preferred Bell of Truth slightly but I thought that was episode two. I'm pretty confused now. Look forward to episode three.

    And congratulations.


  8. siempre quise saber de que lugar provenía Myosotis, y mas sobre su historia personal como tal, gran juego e historia, esperare a la publicación del juego parte 3...

  9. I just discovered and played both Trader of Stories games and was fascinated both by their originality and the sheer beauty of the story and the art. Congratulations to everyone involved! (my only complaint is that some of the puzzles in Grain were too hard, especially compared to the first game.) I'm glad the project is still alive as I hope to play more of it some day, but take all the time you need.

    Meanwhile, I think I will create a page about the games on TV Tropes so more people can learn about them. Feel free to add any information you want to it!

  10. Proszę... 34 tygodnie oczekiwania od ostatniej zapowiedzi... :-(

  11. Don't worry! Your work still inspires new people! I love your story and work! Keep going :)!

  12. Im so excited I hope you are still finding time to work on the game

  13. Am I completely stupid? I can't figure out the code to get through the cave in the demo. Help, please? :)

  14. Nevermind, I found the answer in another entry. Your games are beautiful! Love the gameplay and the story. I can't wait for the next chapter!

  15. Have been waiting for a year...
    Hope everything goes fine!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. The demo is really great, keep going !!!

  18. Is there hope for another game of Trader of Stories?
    I really like these creative games with good stories like yours.

    I try to find new games, but there's none :(

  19. Just checking in! Long time follower of you and this series :)

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