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A Grain of Truth
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Bell's Heart
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The Trader of Stories (old)
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

a Grain of Truth - finished!

a Grain of Truth is now online!

It took us some time but here we are, glad to invite you for an unforgettable travel in the world of The Big Old Tree that Dreams, the world of Myosotis - the Trader of Stories.

play it now: 

Have a nice game,
Rudowscy brothers


  1. Great game! I just love the graphics and the background music!
    Started to play it last night, but right now the server is down (Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error), so my I guess a lot of people think the same about the game ;-)

    BTW, Is there any way I can download just the background music?

  2. Thank You for Your kind opinion. The game is woring again. Like You said we had a problem with the Bandwidth Limit but all is OK now. As for the music please ask our cpompositor: Sergiu Muresan www.sergiumuresan.com/

  3. Hi, I don't have a Mac or iPad, so I can't play this game. The first game I could play. Can you make this game work for everybody please?

  4. The game can play on PC, but only using Chrome or Firefox browser. We were unable to make the game under Opera and IE, sorry.

  5. Everything is great. It was amazing game experience. But personally, I liked graphics of first games more. These graphics are awesone too however, at first game I just couldn't keep myself to stare screen for long time :)

    I hope you will next game soon :)

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  7. Beautiful game. Let me thank you for being able to play this! It's almost a shame it's for free ;)
    I also admire your character design - everyone is just so unique. I'd like to see them once again somewhere :)

    Keep up the amazing work!!

  8. This game is an absolute gem! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful world with us :)

  9. Wonderful game. I absolute love everything. Please keep up good work !

  10. Loved the story, and loved the puzzle mechanics! I also played through the other two games (Bell's Heart and the downloadable demo), and now I'm just hoping for more! You probably get this question a lot, but how are the plans for finishing the demo?

  11. Very nice! :) It was brilliant. Thank you for the wonderful game!

  12. This was wonderful. Can't wait to find out what happens next!

  13. Hello! I've just finished the first game of this wonderful (and I hope long) saga. And now I find this blog with the second part. I absolutely love this game! I thank you for it :)
    Now... off to play A Grain of Truth

  14. im dying for the next part of the story!
    is that coming anytime soon??

  15. The game is very good! I played Bell's Heart and A Grain of Truth and I loved them both. Now I'm playing the demo and I don't know that to do with the tree's third message. Any hints?

  16. I love your work. Please keep making these awesome games. :)

  17. Waiting sooo much for the next game !!!

  18. This is exactly the kind of game I love, and have been missing in my life. Out of this world art, intriguing story, awesome characters... When I played it it felt like if I was daydreaming. I really appreciate the work you put into it and am looking so much forward to the next game! Like, I would buy it, that's how much I love it. Keep up the good work!

  19. Oh no, it looks like I can't see it. :c When I click the link, it says that page with game doesn't work. Help meeeeeh! I really want to play AGOT. :C

  20. Don't know where else to put this, so: just played both Trader of Stories games through in an evening, & they're great. Thank you for bringing to life an unexpected pleasure.

  21. Okay, this comment I'm about to write already makes me feel like a total idiot.
    But hey, I AM an idiot, so...
    I'm just playing the demo for yout first Trader of Stories game, and, man, this is Epic.
    But, erm, there's this little problem.
    I'm at the very, very beginning, you know, the part where you have to touch those paintings to make them glow and move that damn rock out of your way?
    Well, I already have NO IDEA what to do.
    Could you, or somebody, pleeeeeease give me a hint?
    Oh, and the other games are just GREAT, thank you for everything!

    1. Hi

      the correct order for the riddle is:
      2 3
      4 1 5
      but it is important you also play the flute before solving the puzzle. The paintings show not only the past, the present and the future but also the events that should happened like playing the flute.

  22. Hey, I've followed this blog for over 2 years, I've played all the games and let me tell you they are incredible, I love them. But sadly I noticed that has been a year since the last actualisation in this blog, I would like to know if you're still working in the trader of stories, I really want to play it and since the demo and the other games were so great it would be a shame if you give up the project

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  24. hai..
    well, so this is 2013 and i just knew about the game, but, I seem to be facing the case of "the game not working anymore" or such, because when I go to the link you posted there, after the loading and introduction, on the start page (with the new game, turn music on etc buttons) none of the buttons responded. It gave the "being pushed" movement, but nothing happened. No Game.
    I don't know what's that suppose to mean (i'm doing it with chrome and the first game was doing just great)
    I'm hoping that you will help me :)
    Thank You

  25. Wow, You guys did such lovely work and created a world so beautiful, deep and rich with folklore. I'm amazed at the level of detail that went into the notes, maps and just dots of wonderfulness. I really hope that trader of stories blossoms into a franchise of sorts to reach to the masses! Its been a while since i've been creatively inspired. Thanks so much - sincerely roadblocked artist

  26. did you already made a continuation of a grain of truth? because i love that game and im eager to find out what Myosotis past is the pic of the black winged girl made me wonder if she's some sort of fallen angel or demon or something like that


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