Trader of Stories - chapter 1
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A Grain of Truth
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Bell's Heart
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The Trader of Stories (old)
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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Trader of Stories, Bell's Hearts - finished!

The game is finally over. The guys from Pastel Games had made an excelent job in programming, animation and music. It's amazing to see it all work together. I hope you will enjoy playing  it as much as I have enjoyed drawing it. You can find the game with the given links:

sketches from the game

sketches from the game

The game was shortened a bit from the originally scenario. Below you can see one location that was not putted in the final game. Who is the guy on the left with the cigarette? If you read the whole blog you will surely guess.

Who is the man with the cigarette?


  1. It is quite curious that today morning a looked through the Wintermute List of Games, downloading your Demo, playing it, enjoying it (charming and very amusing as well! :D) and then getting onto this blog, reading about another project being fnished by 90 percent -- then another look in the evening and it's finished! Instanly I started playing it and I love it for its visuals and its entire world! :]

  2. i loved this game !

    now i´m playinag your demo game but i can´t find out in witch order you have to click the drawing to open the passage.

    i´m thinking you first come on your car, then see the passage, then click the pictures then go over the bridge and then talk to the wiseman.

    but this won´t let me in, and right now i´m like trying EVERY order ...
    don´t know what i´m doing wrong.

  3. Witam,

    czy jest szansa aby komiks o Snach Lasu wyszedl chocby nieukonczony? Zaciekawila mnie historia w grze "The Trader of Stories" i nawet jesli calosc miala by byc niekompletna to z checia bym przeczytal, a z wywiadu i gry odnioslem wrazenie, ze bedzie to ciekawa opowiesc.

    Tomasz W.

  4. To Yvonne

    the correct order for the riddle is:
    2 3
    4 1 5
    but it is important you also play the flute before solving the puzzle. The paintings show not only the past, the present and the future but also the events that should happened like playing the flute.

    1. Hi Marek I absolutely love these games. . . is Trader of Stories going to be completed? I am so anxious to see more.

  5. Do Tomasza

    wciąż mam nadzieję, ze uda mi się kiedyś ukończyć tę opowieść i wydać komiks w całości.


  6. thank you, it´s a wonderfull game !

    i hope to play the finished game sometimes

  7. This is a great game. Beautiful, simple, and FUN. Can't wait to see what else you do. Your artwork is incredible.

  8. loved the game, followed a link in the comments box over here. I really admire your work! keep on going! But one bit of constructive criticism: plz check your grammar/spelling. the worst is the txt at the graveyard grove (the "doesn't"s seem to either be "isn't"s or "aren't"s), as well as some others. But other than that, totally awesome stuff.

  9. Anynews on the game?? or sketches?

    (also what are the mix on the recipe on your demo i cracked my head but i still cant think anything yes i questioned the niece but i still dint understand and i am stuck

  10. loved the game.loved the drawings.love the scenario. Everything is very good !

  11. Are you still working on the game?

    Because there weren't any updates since 9 months and the percentage of your making progress didn't change, too..

    It's just that it would be a shame, really, because Bell's Heart was really a fun game to play and the demo version, too. I'd love to play the whole game.

  12. Right now I'm working on a game similar to the "Bell's Heart". Unfortunatelly making games is not by job. Beside working on the University I was busy drawing a comicbook for a Romani Fundation. I hope You will like the new game, it's name will be "A Grain of Truth".

  13. I absolutely loved "Bell's heart"! It reminded me of the fairy tales I used to read when I was a little girl. Amazing game, with great storytelling. Like a storybook come to life, or at least adapted for internet.

    However, I did not like "A grain of truth" as much. Possibly because you have to click everywhere again and again to even do anything. "Bell's Heart" has a great flow to the game and works almost organically.

    It would be terrific if you could make another game set in the same kind of pace and certainty as Bell's heart.

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