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Bell's Heart
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The Trader of Stories (old)
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A game in cooperation with Pastel Games - almost finished

It took longer then I have expected but the game is bigger thea I have assumed at the beginning. It composes of 40 screens in comparison to 20 that were planned. The working title of the game is "Bell’s Heart." Below the progress bar of the main game (the Trader of Stories) I have placed another one corresponding to this new game. My part as a graphic artist is done. Now the guys from Pastel Games are putting it all together. Therefore I’m setting the progress bar on 90%. I will surely let You know when the game shall be launch online.
Bellow are some sketches for the in-game locations and one screenshot form the cutscene.

Be aware - Myosotis is watching You!

Thirtsy after long travel - step right in! Have a drink!

A house with a view.


  1. Witam,
    właśnie skończyłam tę niesamowitą ucztę, jestem pod wrażeniem, wspaniała gra osadzona w przepięknej artystycznej oprawie,gratuluję Panie Marku!

  2. Piękna i klimatyczna gra:), czuję spory niedosyt, bo tak szybko się skończyła... Mogłabym wsiąknąć na dłużej... Pozdrawiam

  3. Just played through Bell's Heart. I am really amazed by the beautiful, athmospheric artwork. I am somehow confused by the scene with the mayor, when telling him the full story of Derrida. I feel it is indicated, that Derrida was his father (Mayor never met his father, this is the story of his father, this is his story etc.). This clearly contradicts, what the mayor states earlier: that he knew Derrida as a kid, when his own father was mayor. In that constellation, the present's mayor's sister would have been pregnant from Derrida. So her child would be the nephew of the mayor!? Help me out here ;)

  4. Hi.

    Thank You for Your kind words. If it goes for the Mayor and Derrida:
    when the Mayor says he knew Derrida he means that he have heard about him drawning in the lake. He never had the chance to meet him in person as he was born after his death. His mother had an affair with Derrida (that was the reason of his death, as he loved the Butterfly woman). But during that one night the girl became pregnant. Her father, who was a mayor back wanted to avoid scandal and had made his daughter to marry another man, who bacame then the next mayor, and who raised the child as his own (he probably even thought that it was his, man can be naive).

    I hope it helps