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A Grain of Truth
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Bell's Heart
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The Trader of Stories (old)
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Friday, June 12, 2009

At the beginning there was a Seed…

The Trader of Stories is an oldsql adventure game based on one of my worlds: The Dreams of the Forest. The world was created for the purpose of a comicbook. Thanks to a great support of my friends the world grew bigger and bigger. Soon it was big enough to supply not only the comicbook but also some short stories, tons of illustrations and now – a game.

a page from my comicbook, if you look closely
you can see the resemblance with the game

Why adventure game?
I use to be a great fan of adventure games. I had that luck that my gaming years (when you left computer only in case of lack of electricity) felt on theirs golden age. When technology didn’t knew the magic of 3D and everything was so wonderful flat. I miss those carefree days and I miss these oldsql adventure games.
I always wanted to make a game and when my brother had shown me the Wintermute Engine I didn’t hesitate long. I tried to make it as oldsql as possible. So no 3D renders, no quick-button-pounding action cutscenes, simple hand-drawn backgrounds and traditional animations.


  1. Tradycyjne, rysowane przygodówki były najwspanialsze! Ech, lata 90-te to były piękne czasy. Teraz, to wszędzie jest tylko 3D i jakieś mieszanki nazwane action-adventures... Kibicuję temu projektowi z całeo serca!

  2. I can only agree with you.
    I too am from the good old days (my first computer was a 48K Spectrum and my first game the Hobbit.
    I am developing text based adventure games (with pictures) trying to get back to the golden years ;-)

  3. I love all I've seen so far! I will certainly be following this.