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Bell's Heart
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The Trader of Stories (old)
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Like before I’ve received a great feedback from the players. There were lots of comments and lots of new interesting ideas (special thanks to Xelanoimis, Tramponline and Myles Blasonato).
There was a bug in the demo that blocked the game if one of the Wiseman dialog options was chosen a second time . I’ve fixed it and updated the demo for download.
Following your advises I’ve also changed few things in the gameplay:

- the background in the inventory window was changed;
- inventory items are now without a pixel perfect mask (you can select an item just by clicking on the appropriate slot);
- right mouse click also skips dialog text;
- the mouse cursor is now hidden during the noninteractive parts of game;.

I you have more ideas how to improve the game I will gladly hear them.

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