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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coni - Myosotis niece

"It was a long time since I last visited home. Traveling through distant lands in search for my past I often thought: what is this THING that describes a person? One’s actions? But if there is no trace of them in my memory how can I be sure who I am? One’s desires? One’s close ones?"

What a home would be without a family to share it with? And a game without NPC’s (non playable characters)?
During Myosotis visit in her home she will have the opportunity to spend some time with her family. Firstly let me introduce her niece – Coni. Once again from conceptual sketches to final drawings.

conceptual sketches of Coni

Coni making some jewelry form husk shells – in the game she is sitting in the orchard.

Coni in her dialog window.

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